Chakra balancing can be described as a process of reinforcing a harmonious flow of energy across the Chakra system in your body. Balanced Chakras bring well-being, contentment, centeredness, increased harmony and self-satisfaction. There are seven major Chakras in the human body: Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishudha, Ajna and Sahasrara. When your Chakras are out of balance, you tend to feel the energy blockages manifesting as physical and mental ailments. These blockages affect directly or indirectly adversely influence your personal and professional aspects. The Chakras have to be balanced in order to avert such negative impacts.

For instance, the blockage in Muladhara Chakra shows as constant struggle to survive and creates instability in life and fears of safety and security. ‘Mula’ in Sanskrit means ‘root’ and ‘Adhara’ means ‘support’. When one’s root is threatened, fears of survival and stability creep up. Therefore to have the essential needs met, stability in personal and professional career and security, one needs to have a balanced Muladhara Chakra. Know more about all the 7 Chakras in human body.

An individual’s Chakra power can be determined through his health and state of mind. One needs to be healthy in every aspect, having physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional well-being and highly positive frame of mind. Basically, a person with the balanced Chakras enjoys better physical and mental health whereas it is exactly the opposite in the case of an unhealthy person with imbalanced Chakras. Chakras govern one’s physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual, and cosmic and nirvana aspects. The first three Chakras relate to our personality levels and the last four to our spiritual levels.

7 Chakra Points

Chakra Balancing

Given the fast paced life of today’s cities and the poor nutrition people take and the stress they handle, cleansing therapies have become very important in balancing one’s Chakras. Therapies using Rudraksha and Gemstone help greatly in balancing the Chakras from the core. Chakra balancing therapy addresses the root cause of one’s health and vitality issues. When your chakras are out of line, you tend to feel tired, drained, twitchy and nervous. Reinforcing your imbalanced chakras with cosmic energies is the key to re-energizing yourself. Once your chakras are balanced, you feel better in harmony with the Universe that attracts strength from everything and everyone around you. You feel vigorous, cheerful, creative and bright all the time.

There are three methods (modes of therapies) of Chakra balancing:

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    One is based on physical process:

    It includes physical activities or exercise like yoga, mudras, asana wherein the aim is harmonize the mind with the body and balancing all the Chakras.
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    The second is based on the introspective process:

    It includes sadhana such as meditation, sound meditation and mantra meditation. The aim is to introspect or focus on the meditative sound or mantra whose vibrations enter the body and energize your imbalanced Chakras.
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    The third is based on the transmission of energy:

    Wearing of gem crystals and Rudraksha on the body ensures the cosmic energy flows through the gems or Rudraksha and balances all the Chakras. Even essential oils having different colours applied to the body activated the associated Chakras. The method also includes Colour therapy which deals with different cosmic colours in food, clothes and light. Exposed to these colours, our mood responds to a particular colour which means it influences the same colour in the related Chakra. For instance, red colour of the Muladhara Chakra.
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    Another method

    Another method is energy healing where transmission of positive energy to the different chakras is done. Also cleaning of negative aura through pranic healing and other methods is a popular way to do chakra balancing.

Rudraksha and Gemstone in Chakra Balancing

Rudraksha and Gemstone Chakra Balancing

Subtle seven chakras in the body absorb cosmic energy which sets your mind, body, heart and soul in harmony. When you close the chakras due to fears, you get susceptible to physical, psychological and emotional disorders. A variety of chakra balancing products are used to restore this cosmic balance.

In the science of Chakra, the yogi focuses on the Aura which permeates his physical body. This Aura creates the spinning vortexes of energy at the specific places of the endocrine glands. These vortexes of energy look like spinning wheels (chakra). The India’s ancient healings such as pranayama, qi gong, acupuncture, and tai chi deal with this flow of pranic force, the Life Force.

Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksha beads are believed to be Shiva’s divine Tears. No other tree on this planet is regarded as spiritually connected with celestial legends as the Rudraksha tree. These Rudraksha beads are believed to have mystic, therapeutic and divine properties extremely useful for holistic healing purposes.

  • * Rudraksha bead affect the seven chakras and unblock them. This makes the wearer feel energized, swoon in his inner joy and have purified aura.
  • * Not only are these favourable to chakra curing, they are also the best healing tonics for a variety of bodily and emotional diseases such as migraines, nervousness, heart diseases, brain disorders and spinal problems.
  • * Rudraksha beads vary from 1 to 21 Mukhi. For instance, 1 Mukhi for enhancing super consciousness, 2 Mukhi for emotional balance and inner peace, 3 Mukhi, for burning past karmas, 4 Mukhi for communication skills, 5 Mukhi, for awareness and intellect and so on.


Precious and semi-precious gemstones are used for their celestial healing powers. It’s not new; the use of gemstones has been in existence since long, kingly and priestly orders used it extensively during their respective sovereignty.

  • * Gemstones bring the astrological planets into line with your favour; they open up your clogged chakras and have the powers to change your luck.
  • * They can prevent all negative energies and protect you from them. Their colour and vibrations straight react to the same of the seven chakras. This makes the gemstones must-have assistance if one wants to have all their chakras harmonized.
  • * Wearing them close to the skin attracts cosmic frequencies through the stone and transmits them to the connected chakra. For instance, Amethyst gemstone work best on Sahasrara Chakra, Blue Sapphire on Ajna Chakra, Yellow Sapphire on Visuddha Chakra, Emerald on Anahata Chakra, Ruby or Yellow Topaz on Manipura Chakra, Pearl on Swadhisthana Chakra and Coral on Muladhara Chakra and so on.

To know more about how Rudraksha and Gemstone help in balancing your Chakras,
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