It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword for it takes powerful thoughts, wisdoms or communicative ideas out of the mind and puts them on the page. The Vishuddha Chakra aka Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra in the line, associated with wisdom, speech, knowledge and communication.

‘Shuddha’ in Sanskrit means ‘pure, clear, devoid of impurities’ and the suffix ‘vi’ means ‘absolutely’, ‘especially’ or ‘particularly’. Vishuddha means that which is absolutely purified. It is considered the purification centre of your body. Located at the throat region just above the collarbone, It is in charge of sensual activities like hearing, listening and expressing. Knowledge, Wisdom, Willpower, Truth, and Power of choice and ability to effectively communicate all come from this chakra.

This chakra accommodates your needs, desires, creativity, power of speech and expression. Therefore, those who are in politics, public speaking, sales, teaching, training or any other profession that requires speaking or communicating have a balanced Vishuddha Chakra. They show resonance and clarity making it easy to communicate and interact. They take excellent decisions makers and follow their passion without looking back. On the other side, if you have an imbalanced Vishuddha Chakra, you have thyroid disorder, respiratory disorder, hormonal variances, mood changes and persistent infections. Even though you have a lot in your mind but you lack self-confidence to express it.

  • Common problems when Vishuddha Chakra is blocked:

    1. Communication Problems
    2. Thyroid
    3. Sore Throat
    4. Insomnia
    5. Hair Fall
  • This Chakra teaches:

    1. Not to make comparisons
    2. To actively engage in listening to others and speaking expressively
    3. To develop acceptance and understanding
  • Why does this Chakra get blocked?

    This chakra gets blocked:
    1. When you are not able to communicate
    2. When you are not able to handle situations effectively
    3. When you feel you are being compared with others too much
    4. When you tend to keep higher expectations
  • What happens when this Chakra gets blocked?

    1. You become possessive, jealous and fail to see when a relationship turns abusive
    2. You lack self-love and tend to think you are unworthy and dejected
    3. You stay unmotivated and give in to relationships or situations much
  • Effects of Throat Chakra Blockage:

    1. Knowledge flow and sense of wisdom gets blocked
    2. Unable to take right decisions
    3. Being Indecisive

How to open Throat Chakra with Rudraksha bead and gemstone?

When the Throat Chakra is opened, you gain communication, wisdom and expressive skills. There are various therapies in the world to heal the Chakras such as Aroma therapy, Sound therapy, Mantra Meditation, Light therapy, Colour therapy, Essential Oils therapy and the like. At Chakra Yog Canada, we tap the powers of Rudraksha and Gemstones to unblock your Vishuddha Chakra. The therapy is called the Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy® (RRST), a scientific method wherein the correct use of Rudraksha beads and gemstones influences this chakra. It is the science of using specific Rudraksha and Gemstones on a person so that 100% of their properties are utilized, and their powers can change emotions, fate, circumstances and path of the planets in the wearer’s favour.

At Chakra Yog, we have a one-on-one conversation with the client wherein his or her problems are discussed at length to reach out to the actual beliefs inside the subconscious. This helps us find out what’s causing the blockage of Vishuddha Chakra. Accordingly Rudraksha beads and Gems are recommended to heal it. The combination of Rudraksha and gemstones is expertly strung so you can wear it and can experience the positive results in a week’s time. Once the Chakra is harmonized or balanced, your physical and emotional symptoms disappear.

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