Muladhara Chakra is the base or foundation of all other Chakras. ‘Mula’ means ‘root’ and ‘adhara’ means ‘support’ or ‘base’. This chakra stands for the root of your existence in this world. It is the primary energy foundation of your body. In this chakra, you relate to your physical wellbeing and it is the centre of energy grows your roots into the physical world to get nourished with support and stability. It stresses the significance of standing on your own feet to accept and survive the challenges of life.

Muladhara Chakra is like a teacher who takes care of a pupil, looking after his or her needs until the pupil is ready to stand on its feet and be responsible for his or her own life. Just like that teacher, the Muladhara Chakra constitutes the basis and starting point for your growth or development. It links you up with the nurturing energy of Mother Earth who represents grounding, stability and support that you need throughout your life. Located at the base of the spinal column, it is associated with your skeletal system, pelvis, hip, legs and the excretory system. It is this Chakra that sustains the entire body consciousness. Of all the elements of material nature, it is the seat of Earth element which represents the qualities of strength (physical body), structure (skeleton) and support (limbs).

Hence, this chakra plays a very essential and crucial role in developing your roots upon which your entire life grows. Another aspect of this chakra is that it is associated with the ‘purpose’ of your life. It defines why were you born? A stronger Muladhara Chakra helps you realize your purpose in life and you go ahead accordingly.

When you feel unsupported, spaced-out, and weak or wavering in your determination, know that your Root Chakra is out of harmony or balance. As a result, your skeletal system, feet, legs, knees, hips and pelvis get affected.

Root (Muladhara) Chakra indicates our survival, support and safety. The lesson of this Chakra is that you must support yourself at personal or professional level. This will automatically attract support from the Universe. If your Root Chakra is optimally balanced, you would tend to have a strong sense of security and practicality. And if blocked, it makes you lose a sense of belonging and have weak physical structure. You may have problems with bones, weight and having enough money for survival.

  • Common problems when Muladhara Chakra is blocked:

    1. Prostate Problem
    2. Varicose Veins
    3. Obesity
    4. Arthritis
  • This Chakra teaches:

    1. Supporting yourself
    2. Facing the current reality and becoming practical
    3. Realization that you have the right to be supported

  • Why does this Chakra get blocked?

    This chakra gets blocked:
    1. When you have an experience or feelings of being abandoned by your near and dear ones specially parents.
    2. When you think you were not properly brought up
    3. When you feel you don’t have enough money to live beyond survival.
    4. When you despise your own self including physical body and emotional state.
    5. When you have an ego issue on trivial matters
  • What happens when this Chakra gets blocked?

    1. You constantly fret over or get anxious over one or another thing.
    2. You develop a fear of insecurity or instability
    3. You mind remains heavy with past thoughts and experiences.
    4. You have a constant mental chatter and confusion
    5. You lose focus or concentration
    6. Not able to concentrate and focus
    7. You tend to postpone everyday things
    8. You start ignore the real challenges in life.
  • Effects of Root Chakra Blockage:

    • Fears of security and survival lead to compromise in job and relationships
    • You feel you have to struggle all the time.

How to open Root Chakra with Rudraksha bead and gemstone?

When the Root Chakra is opened, your fears of survival and stability disappear. There are various therapies in the world to heal the Chakras such as Aroma therapy, Sound therapy, Mantra Meditation, Light therapy, Colour therapy, Essential Oils therapy and the like. At Chakra Yog Canada, we tap the powers of Rudraksha and Gemstones to unblock your Muladhara Chakra. The therapy is called the Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy® (RRST), a scientific method wherein the correct use of Rudraksha beads and gemstones influences this chakra. It is the science of using specific Rudraksha and Gemstones on a person so that 100% of their properties are utilized, and their powers can change emotions, fate, circumstances and path of the planets in the wearer’s favour.

At Chakra Yog, we have a one-on-one conversation with the client wherein his or her problems are discussed at length to reach out to the actual beliefs inside the subconscious. This helps us find out what’s causing the blockage of Muladhara Chakra. Accordingly Rudraksha beads and Gems are recommended to heal it. The combination of Rudraksha and gemstones is expertly strung so you can wear it and can experience the positive results in a week’s time. Once the Chakra is harmonized or balanced, your physical and emotional symptoms disappear.

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