Of all the chakras, Ajna Chakra aka Third Eye Chakra is the sixth chakra. ‘Ajna’ means ‘command’ or ‘rule’. It connects you with the mental plane of your existence, growth, ideas, imagination, dreams, goals, and self-image.

Related directly related to the mind, this chakra is the storehouse of your power of thought, imagination, and abstract ideas and the entire personality traits. With your thoughts you are able to express yourself and make your dreams a reality. It is the place where the energy for ability to take decision or determine a course of action emanates from.

It is also known as Third Eye Chakra because it is a medium of receiving spiritual revelations and insight of the higher consciousness. While our two material eyes see the material world, our sixth chakra (or the Third Eye) sees what lies beyond the physical world.

A well balanced Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra means the native shines with charisma and intuitive brilliance. Also he has a calm mind and clarity of judgment. On the other hand, an imbalanced Ajna chakra means disharmony, belligerence, and stubbornness and self-conceit.

When open and balanced, this very chakra becomes your friend and constant guide to build self-confidence and get rid of ego. You tend to understand and accept the situations as they are. Above everything, you are able to make correct decisions.

  • Common problems when Ajna Chakra is blocked:

    1. Stubbornness
    2. High Temper
    3. Sinus Problem
    4. Vision Problems
  • This Chakra teaches:

    1. To have a stronger emotional intelligence
    2. To be able to select the best of the options given (Effective decision making)
  • Why does this Chakra get blocked?

    This chakra gets blocked:
    1. When you are unable to discriminate between the right and the wrong due to the limiting beliefs
    2. When you have an ego problem
    3. When you are too serious or rigid
  • What happens when this Chakra gets blocked?

    1. You become obsessed with perfection but unable to thrive on basic fundamentals.
    2. You become aggressive, assertive and stubborn.
    3. You have a fear of making your own decisions.
    4. When you seek others’ advice.
  • Effects of Third Eye Chakra Blockage:

    1. You have a constant fear of success (making your ego stronger)
    2. You have no proper decision making
    3. You tend to live in illusion or your own inner fantasy

How to open Third Eye Chakra with Rudraksha bead and gemstone?

When the Third Eye Chakra is opened, you gain clarity of thoughts and vision. There are various therapies in the world to heal the Chakras such as Aroma therapy, Sound therapy, Mantra Meditation, Light therapy, Colour therapy, Essential Oils therapy and the like. At Chakra Yog Canada, we tap the powers of Rudraksha and Gemstones to unblock your Third Eye Chakra. The therapy is called the Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy® (RRST), a scientific method wherein the correct use of Rudraksha beads and gemstones influences this chakra. It is the science of using specific Rudraksha and Gemstones on a person so that 100% of their properties are utilized, and their powers can change emotions, fate, circumstances and path of the planets in the wearer’s favour.

At Chakra Yog, we have a one-on-one conversation with the client wherein his or her problems are discussed at length to reach out to the actual beliefs inside the subconscious. This helps us find out what’s causing the blockage of Ajna Chakra. Accordingly Rudraksha beads and Gems are recommended to heal it. The combination of Rudraksha and gemstones is expertly strung so you can wear it and can experience the positive results in a week’s time. Once the Chakra is harmonized or balanced, your physical and emotional symptoms disappear.

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